Sometimes you need to know what people are thinking. From customers to business partners, your stakeholders play a crucial role in your success. The ability to capture their thoughts, opinions, and ideas can give you tremendous insight into what it takes to turn your casual customers into loyal patrons and your loyal patrons into raving fans.

Sentry Survey is our customizable, web-based tool for gathering survey data. Our flexible platform can be deployed to manage both inbound and outbound surveys to collect a variety of data. From customer surveys, employees surveys, market research, to managing your new employee application process, Sentry Survey can help increase the speed at which key data moves through your organization.

Full Featured

  • Multiple survey platforms allow us to select the right tool for the job
  • Email alerts ensure that important information reaches the appropriate team members without delay
  • Automated reporting and dashboards provide easy access to key metrics
  • Can be integrated in with a current website to provide a seamless online data collection tool
  • Uses include customer surveys, employee surveys, vendor surveys, panel management, new employee applications and more

Sentry Survey offers a variety of survey methods, question types, and reporting options so you can select the best method to collect and distribute key performance data.

Capture Data Using:

  • Point-of-Sale invitations through guest checks and receipts.
  • QR Codes on stickers, posters, table tents, window clings, in bill folders, and various other mediums.
  • Direct E-mail Campaigns are a convenient way to reach your target audience.
  • Custom Print Pieces function as creative survey invitations.
  • Host Your Survey on your own site or anywhere else you need it.