Efficient. Effective. Robust.

That's almost all you need to know about our web-based survey program. Our web-based survey gathers information from customers, employees and other targeted groups faster and more reliably than old-school methods - resulting in better analysis that can be rapidly distributed throughout your company.



A solution isn’t realistic if it’s not affordable.  Sentry Survey brings a common sense approach to keeping in touch with your guests.

We believe that keeping in touch with your customers should be affordable, easy to use, and available to businesses of any size.  This idea drove the creation of Sentry Survey and is a cornerstone of our culture.  Sentry Survey can collect data in multiple languages, offers both inbound and outbound survey formats, multiple question types, conditional hiding of questions, conditional answering of questions, scoring calculations, and tabbed surveys.     Sentry Survey dashboards give your team quick and easy access to key metrics in a visual format that’s customizable by user.

What you won’t find in Sentry Survey is an enterprise level price tag.  Our standard set up fees are a fraction of what others charge and with monthly fees ranging from $10 – $30 per month, Sentry Survey makes it easy for you to stay connected to your customers.


Custom Dashboards

Easy to use dashboards make it easy for you to quickly view key metrics from your survey.

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Multiple Question Types

A full range of question types including simple multiple choice, drop down, check box and text entry boxes as well as more complex rank along a scale, advanced matrix and percentage allocation.

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Triggered Alerts

Alerts can be tied to individual questions for immediate notification of urgent matters.

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Multiple Language Collection

Deploy your survey in multiple languages to appeal to the widest possible audience.

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Social Media Connection

Invite respondents who had a positive experience to promote their experience by sharing it on popular social media sites.

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Custom Branding

Your survey is connected to your brand though the use of your logo, color scheme and marketing theme.

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