Custom Dashboards


You can choose from a variety of pie charts, guages, line graphs and bar graphs to easily access key data from your surveys. Sentry Survey dashboards can be customized to fit each users precise needs and are able to accommodate multiple surveys.

 Multiple Question Types

Sentry Survey offers a full suite of open and closed end question types including Multiple Choice, Multiple Choice with Comment, Drop Down List, Check All That Apply, Multi Line Text Entry, Rate Items Along A Scale, 3D Matrix, and Numeric Allocation. You also have the ability to uses logic, branching, and question hiding to collect additional information depending on how specific questions are answered.

Triggered Alerts 

Triggered Alerts provide instant notification to selected users depending on how a selected question is answered. These alerts can be placed an any number of questions in your survey. The conditions and notification content are customizable so you can provide specific and timely notification to key users in your organization.

Multiple Language Collection 

For multi-lingual respondents, you can provide your survey takers with the ability to choose the language that the survey is displayed. Surveys may be deployed in multiple additional languages so you can capture information from largest possible audience.

Connected To Your Social Media 

We help turn brand advocates into brand evangelists by connecting your biggest fans to your social media sites. We invite survey takers who indicate that they would recommend you to share their experience on sites like Yelp!, Google, Urban Spoon, Chowhound, Trip Advisor, and others.

Custom Branding  

Your survey is be tied to your brand using your logo and company colors. We are also able to design a custom theme based your website and specific branding elements.