hotelSentry Survey was created to give business owners an affordable, easy to use, and highly effective platform to stay connected with their clients.

We understand that in today’s hyper-competitive market customers have choices than ever.   To stay ahead of the competition, it’s crucial that businesses have a way of staying connected to their customers.  There are do-it-yourself surveys and there are awesome, but pricey, enterprise level surveys.  What’s missing from the market is something in the middle. We knew the ideal solution would have to make it easy customers to share their opinions while being affordable and easy to use for business owners.    Sentry Survey was built to meet all of these requirements.

Sentry Survey was priced to be accessible to businesses of all size without sacrifice core functions like multiple question types, questions branching and logic, triggered email alerts, and multiple language deployment.  Your data is easily accessible though custom dashboards and reports and Sentry Survey can accommodate organizations ranging in size from one location to thousands of locations.